59th Street Pier
This old pier is a favorite subject of mine. It has withstood many storms over the years.
59th Street Pier
Another shot of the 59th Street pier in Ocean City, NJ.
Lone fisherman on the East End of Galveston Island wading a tidal pool on a very foggy morning.
Zen Simplicity
Shot this image on the East End of Galveston Island. Was a very foggy morning and the water surface was completely still. This bit of grass caught my eye and I thought it would make a great minimalistic image. Sort of a Zen feel to it.
Into Nothing
One of the jetties in Galveston Texas on a very foggy morning just before Sunrise. This particular jetty leads out to a fishing pier. I think the fog makes for a somewhat haunting image.
Abstract shot of the bow of Texas A&M's training vessel, the Cape Gibson. The fog in the channel added well to this image as you would normally see another terminal across the channel to the right of the bow. It did a good job of isolating the subject.  </p>

<p>I had already taken a few other pics of this ship and was about to leave. Looking at the bow, I decided to get back out, brave the mosquitos and shoot just one more frame.
Copacabana Sunrise
Sunrise view from my hotel room on a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro. Only had the Canon G9 with me, but I think it did a pretty decent job with this photo.
The Old Man
A friend who makes a great portrait subject.
Ursus Americanus
Sizing me up!
Ice Explorer
The tanker, Ice Explorer, inbound to Texas City, Tx with an awesome Sunrise as a backdrop
Another shot from my Sunrise trek to the Texas coast this past weekend. Well worth rising at 0500.
Balinese Room
I have been waiting for an opportunity with some fog to shoot these old pilings off the beach in Galveston, TX. Finally had foggy weather with some stormy seas that made for interesting conditions. 

This is all that is left of the famous Balinese Room. Built in 1920 and stretching 200 meters into the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Ike took it away in Sept 2008.
Cape May Point
Worthington State Forest, New Jersey
Scenes like this really do exist in New Jersey.
Shot from another early morning trek to Galveston Bay.
Texas Motocross
Powering Through
Texas motocross action
Chasing the big one
Offshore 100+ miles in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas. You can feel pretty small out there.